Self Portrait 2


A la manière de Roland Barthes:


I like: pasta, cheese, bags, jewelry, coffee, pork, mangoes, money, my dog Doodle, airedales, free socks in airplanes, Thai mussel omelets, spicy food, white wine, clothes, travelling, the color blue, generosity, French perfume, Comme des Garçons, Debussy, Boccherini, West Side Story, sticky rice, baguettes, Romain Gary, Pagnol, Amadou Hampâté Bâ, American TV shows, Myst 1 and 2, humor, Le masque et la plume podcast, receiving flowers, New York, Bangkok, Meg Stuart, Joel Pommerat, Peeping Tom, shopping, cooking, warm weather, spinning, going across the floor in ballet class, working with people etc.


I don’t like: girls who scream, sardines in can, snakes, rodents, pink, the smell of patchouli, Hermès silk scarves, Versace, Paul Auster, Anna Gavalda, speaking in public, speaking on the phone, French movies, Belgium, buying toilet paper, pointed shiny derby shoes for men, spineless lips, susceptibility, getting old, feeling ignorant, bad breath, etc


But, to come back to Barthes:


“I like, I do not like: it does not matter to anyone, and this apparently has no meaning. Yet, in this anarchic foam of tastes and distastes, a kind of listless blur, gradually appears the figure of a bodily enigma, requiring complicity or irritation. Here begins the intimidation of the body, which obliges others to endure me liberally, to remain silent and polite confronted by pleasures or rejections which they do not share.”



Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes, Seuil, 1975; University of California Press, 1994.

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