Mortality insurance: a viable option?

Death benefit insurance is a relatively new concept that has emerged in the life insurance world. Basically, it’s a type of life insurance that provides a payout to beneficiaries when the insured person dies.

The idea behind death benefit insurance is to provide financial assistance to beneficiaries to help cover funeral and other related expenses. Because of this purpose, they are also often referred to as funeral policies.

Felony exclusion in occupational disability insurance – a controversial topic!

Disability insurance (DI) is an important protection for many people against financial loss in case of illness or accident. The protection of the working power is therefore for many an important topic. But what happens if the insured person commits a crime and therefore becomes unable to work?? This is where the criminal offense exclusion in occupational disability insurance comes into play.

The criminal offense exclusion is a clause in many occupational disability policies that gives the insurer the right to deny benefits if the insured becomes unable to work due to a criminal offense. But which crimes are covered and what are the practical implications of the exclusion??

Long-term care insurance financial problems: why the proposed solution is not one

Germany’s long-term care insurance system faces enormous financial challenges. The aging population and the rising need for care have led to a massive increase in costs for society. In this context, solutions are repeatedly proposed to stabilize the system.
One of these solutions is to increase contributions to long-term care insurance. However, the question arises as to whether this is actually a sensible measure. This solution is a thorn in the side of many citizens, as they are already subject to a high contribution rate today. In addition, it is not certain whether an increase in contributions would actually lead to a lasting reduction in the burden on the nursing care insurance system.
Instead, policymakers should consider other ways to stabilize the system in the long term. This includes, for example, a comprehensive reform of long-term care insurance that ensures better funding and organization. Overall, the issue needs to be addressed urgently to ensure that sufficient care is provided for those in need of long-term care in the future as well.

Financial problems of long-term care insurance:Why the proposed solution is not one

Long-term care insurance has faced significant financial challenges for years. Over the years, the number of people in need of long-term care has been rising, and with it the expenditure on care, leading to a steady increase in the costs of long-term care insurance. Time and again, solutions are proposed to solve this problem. However, there is always debate about whether these solutions are viable and sufficient in the long term.

“Expensive life insurance” complains i: what is the program “kassensturz”?

The “Kassensturz” program Is one of the best known television shows in Switzerland and is one of the most successful consumer shows in the German-speaking world. The program subjects products and services to a critical test and exposes grievances. In the episode “Expensive life insurance” has the “Kassensturz” expensive life insurance policies objected to.

In the program “Expensive life insurance policies is about how to save money on life insurance policies. The “Cash-on-hand Researched the offerings of various insurance companies and uncovered that many people are paying premiums that are far too high. Savings of up to 30 percent or more are often possible in the process.

The responsibility in case of e-scooter accidents: which insurance company pays in case of damage?

Since e-scooters were allowed on German roads in 2019, they have become a popular transportation option. But their popularity is often accompanied by an increased number of accidents. Although most accidents cause only minor damage, it is important to understand which insurance pays in which cases.

In case of an accident with an e-scooter, it can be difficult to clarify responsibility. This is because different insurances may be involved, depending on the circumstances of the accident. However, there are some factors that determine which insurance takes effect and who ultimately has to pay for the damages.

Membership in a pension fund: what mini-jobbers should bear in mind

Pension funds are institutional bodies that operate in a similar way to statutory pension funds. However, professional associations and chambers provide training specifically for certain occupational groups. Such professionals can be, for example, doctors, lawyers or even journalists.

For mini-jobbers, the question is whether they can also become a member of a pension fund and what advantages this brings with it.

Guardian life insurance company of america

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is an American life insurance company headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1860, it is now a leading provider of life, annuity and accident insurance, as well as investment and wealth management services.

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is known for its years of experience and expertise in the field of life insurance. With a range of insurance products tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers, Guardian Life provides its customers with comprehensive coverage and financial stability.

The “leasing climate” at the turn of the year 2021/22

The turn of the year 2021/22 brings some changes, also in the leasing sector. The effects of the Corona pandemic, advancing digitalization and new legal regulations are having an impact on the “leasing climate”. In particular, the demand for electric cars and the increasing importance of sustainability are influencing the leasing market and its conditions.

Leasing is a popular financing method that offers many advantages. Companies and private individuals can afford modern and expensive goods such as cars or machinery without having to buy them outright. In addition, there are no high acquisition costs and the leased asset can be easily returned when the contract expires.

Traffic accident: what to do

Any motorist can be involved in a traffic accident – whether it’s a minor rear-end collision or a serious accident resulting in injuries. In such situations it is important to stay calm and know what to do. In this article, we will explain step by step what you should do in the event of a traffic accident.

The first important measure after an accident is to secure the scene of the accident in order to avoid further accidents. To do this, you should turn on the hazard lights and set up the warning triangle. If possible, you should also wear a high-visibility vest to be seen better by other road users.

Certification of our project management according to iso 21500 and iso 21502

Project management certification according to internationally recognized standards is an important step for any company that wants to successfully carry out projects. ISO 21500 and ISO 21502 certification demonstrates that the organization has a clear understanding of the project’s requirements and objectives, and has the skills to plan, execute and complete it successfully.

ISO 21500 is an international standard for project management that describes the general principles and guidelines for managing projects. The standard covers all phases of project management, from initiation to completion, and provides a clear framework for managing risks and opportunities.