Lormen: a new way for deaf-blind people to communicate

Lormen: a new way for deaf-blind people to communicate

In the world of deafblind people, communication is often a challenge. But now there is a new way of understanding – lormen. This is a method of transmitting words and sentences through letters on the palms of the hands.

Originally, the concept of lormen originated in France and was developed as early as the 19th. century by the deaf Frenchman Eugène Lorme. Today, Lormen is often used as an alternative to spoken language by deafblind people because it allows them to communicate with each other and with hearing or sighted people.

Loring’s tactile alphabet consists of specific finger positions on the palms of the hands, as well as touches to specific finger joints. It is learnable and therefore allows children and young people who are deafblind, as well as their families and friends, to communicate easily.

What is lormen?

Lormen is a tactile alphabet used to communicate with people who are deafblind. It was designed to give these people a way to share their thoughts and ideas and connect with the world around them.

Lormen consists of a series of hand movements and touches that represent letters, numbers, and other characters. These gestures are transferred from one person to the hand of the deafblind person, who can then recognize and understand the code.

Although Lormen was developed for people who are deafblind, it can also be useful for people with other types of disabilities or limitations. For example, it can be used for people who can’t move their arms or hands to communicate anyway.

Lormen is an important way for deafblind people to connect with others and hear their voices. It is a special tool that helps ensure that all people have a voice in our society.

How the Lormen works

Lormen is a way for people who are deafblind to communicate. It is a form of the manual alphabet in which letters are recognized by touch. People who are deafblind can literally talk to each other through their hands, using tactile movements.

Lorm alphabet movements are based on a systematic combination of touches and movements of the hands and fingers. Letters are represented by a combination of short and long touches or movements that provide unique shapes for each letter.

In Lormen, the letter is represented by touch or movement of the fingers. For example, if you want to call out the letter ‘A’, you can move your index finger to a specific part of your body. The person you are talking to will feel this movement and understand the letter ‘A’.

  • How to learn lormen?
  • Lormen can be learned by repeated practice. Typically, lorm classes begin with learning the basic touch and movements necessary to write the alphabet. Once you master it, you can begin to form words and sentences.
  • There are also several organizations that offer courses in Lormen. Some of these organizations have also made online courses available so that you can learn Lormen from the comfort of your own home.

Lormen is a unique form of communication that enables deaf-blind people to communicate with each other and with others. However, it requires a certain amount of patience and practice to master it. However, over time, you can use lormen as an effective way to communicate.

The importance of Lormen for people who are deafblind

Deafblind people often have difficulty communicating with others. One way to help them do this is through lormen. Through the tactile alphabet, they can communicate with other people and thereby improve their quality of life.

Lormen requires training and practice to enable error-free communication. The learning process requires patience and perseverance, but the reward is better communication with the outside world.

Lormen also allows deaf-blind people to express their thoughts and feelings and communicate their needs. By communicating in this way, they can improve both their self-esteem and their relationships with others.

  • Lormen allows deaf-blind people:
  • – Express their needs and desires
  • – Build relationships with other people
  • – Participate in activities that can be difficult without communication

Overall, lormen is an important way for deafblind people to connect with the world around them. It allows them to improve their communication skills and not only improve their relationships, but also develop new ones.

How to learn Lormen?

Lormen is a tactile alphabet developed specifically for people who are deaf-blind. It is based on the use of touch and vibration to communicate letters and words. The method is also suitable for people who are not deafblind and simply want to learn an alternative method of communication.

There are several ways to learn lormen. Some schools offer Lormen classes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of participants. Online resources are another option to teach yourself to lormen. It is also advisable to contact organizations that support deafblind people for more information.

Learning to lormen requires, first of all, a lot of practice. It is important to master the different tactile combinations and develop an understanding of the meaning of each touch. It can also be helpful to interact with people who are deafblind to get a better feel for the method and gain hands-on experience. It is also important to have patience and perseverance, as it can take some time to master the method.

  • Conclusion: Lormen is an effective method of communication for people who are deafblind. It takes practice and patience, but there are many resources and opportunities to learn to lormen. To master this method, it is recommended to take Lormen classes or complete an online training course. With practical experience and patience, anyone can learn to lormen.
Lormen: a new way for deaf-blind people to communicate

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