Khmeropédies II (2011)

« The remarkable two-part event is no eclectic hybrid, with arabesques and the like grafted onto Cambodian steps. Utilizing postmodern strategies, Phuon and the dancers enlighten us about the style, while investigating how private emotions and more relaxed contemporary customs might take it in new directions. »

-Deborah Jowitt , The Village Voice


Khmeropedies II depicts the relationship between Master and disciple in a humorous way. It mixes outside influences of rap, contemporary dance and ballet, and portrays a generation of dancers eager to explore or set free from an inflexible heritage. Tradition versus evolution/revolution in the Cambodian context.

Khmeropédies II is a collaboration with Magnum photographer John Vink and was made possible with funds by Asian Cultural Council and a residency at White Oak Plantation (Howard Gilman Foundation).

Khmeropédies I & II premiered at New Haven International Festival of Arts and Ideas in 2011 with subsequent performances at Baryshnikov Art Centre, Esplanade Singapore, Spoleto Charleston, and Podium Mozaiek Amsterdam.

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