Khmeropédies III (2013)




“Certain athletic passages are breathtaking. Men spring high from crouched positions, never straightening limbs as in ballet but still effortlessly soaring and turning in midair.”  Alastair Macaulay for The New York Times

Khmeropédies III is an exploration of what classical Cambodian monkey training can offer. Based on the richness in strength and experience of classical Cambodian training, Khmeropedies III investigates an extension from classical arts into the realm of nature. The dance vignettes or scenes are derived or inspired by the very nature of different species of monkeys and primates. These inspirations may take the form of physical movements, behavioral gestures or even social and cultural formations of various primates that we appreciate as dance.

This project was based on the scientific expertise of Professor Eric Sargis of Yale University.

Khmeropédies III was made possible with funds from Un Monde par Tous and Fondation La Ferthé. Khmeropédies III premiered in New York in 2013, part of Works and Process at the Guggenheim, Season of Cambodia.

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