Reboot at the city hall: lukas resetarits gave “the last one”

Last weekend, Lukas Resetarits caused a sensation in the Vienna Stadtsaal. The Austrian cabaret artist gave the program “Das Letzte”, which, as the name suggests, will be his last tour. The audience awaited a bittersweet evening marked by Resetarits’ incomparable stage presence.

In his usual sarcastic manner, Resetarits took aim at socio-political topics and did not stop at any taboos in the process. It was about climate change, the refugee crisis and also the trend towards self-optimization. The cabaret artist presented his topics in a mixture of mockery and seriousness, which made the audience laugh and think in equal measure.

A special feature of the program was the integration of personal anecdotes and insights into the life of the artist. Resetarits talked about his relationship with his father, who was also a cabaret artist, and how he supported him in his career.

The audience honored Resetarits’ performance with standing ovations and rapturous applause. It is to be hoped that even after the end of his career his voice will continue to be heard in the Austrian cabaret scene.

Lukas Resetarits gives his last program in the Stadtsaal

The Austrian cabaret artist Lukas Resetarits presented his new program “Das Letzte” (The Last) at the Vienna Stadtsaal presented. The artist, who has been performing on stage since the 80s, promises a “last time” in his latest work.

In “The Last Resetarits takes aim at current political and social developments. With his usual sharp and pointed humor, he takes a stand on topics such as migration, populism and fake news. But also personal experiences and adventures find a place in his program.

Reboot at the city hall: lukas resetarits gave 'the last one'

For many of his fans it is a sad moment: After more than 35 years on the cabaret stage, Resetarits announces that “Das Letzte” (The Last) is over will be his last program. But the artist plans to remain active and devote himself to new projects.

Reboot at the city hall: lukas resetarits gave 'the last one'
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Reboot at the city hall: lukas resetarits gave 'the last one'

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